Month: June 2019

Popular Game Types Sportsbook of Sbobet

Popular Game Types Sportsbook of Sbobet

The Sbobet online football book name may seem familiar, but you obviously do not know that this type of bet has many types of popular games today. This bet covers different types of sports in the world, but most players bet on the type of football. The football industry is indeed the most appropriate material for players around the world.

This type of game was formerly the main sponsor of a London club that played in the Premier League, West Ham United, until the end of the 2012-2013 season. Before West Ham, they also became the main sponsor of the old Wales team, the City of Cardiff, in 2010. By sponsoring famous clubs around the world, this game game is fairly well known to professional footballers.

For example, like Andy Carroll, West Ham’s main striker, who we know is often injured. It is believed that an injured footballer spends a lot of time at the table.

Similarly with Carroll, who has often suffered injuries in the 2012/2013 season, he has already been filmed in a play area. The player also confirmed that he was very fond of visiting one of the football agents. Sbobet officials in Indonesia and London, the one in Indonesia is the best choice agent sbobet.

6 Types of Games Provided by Sbobet

  1. Handicap
    Handicap or abbreviated HDP is the name of a game of chance that is not foreign to the players. HDP is actually a game in which both teams have their own voor. Usually, a stronger team has more weight if their opponent is a small team.

    • 2.5 – 3 equals 2. If you choose More and the number of goals scored by both teams is three, you win ½. While if you choose Less and the number of goals scored is two goals, you will win completely.
    • 2.5 is equal to 21/2. If you choose more and the number of goals produced by three goals, you will win completely. But by setting Under and the number of goals up to 2, you will also win completely.
  2. Over / Under
    More or less, or abbreviated, OR is a game that takes into account the goals of the two teams that will play. Usually, prior to the second team match, Agent Sbo will determine the number of market targets based on the forecast. They will usually determine the number of targets as follows:
  3. 1 × 2
    In this type of game, you just have to guess the results of the match, the local team (1) wins, the invited team (2) prevails and the last is played in series (x).
  4. Odd / Even
    In this type, players risk the number of goals of both teams, whether the number of goals created is odd or even.
  5. Full time and Half Time
    For this type of game, you are allowed to play until the end of the game (full time) or only the first round (Half Time).
  6. Money line
    Money Line is usually provided for baseball sports. The rules of the currency line are almost the same as those of type 1 2, but there is no option for serial betting. So, the money line can be called 1: 2 game.